Providing smart home and business solutions. Our professional solutions in paid and free software, retail market, pharma validation, web design and smart technologies for home, business and industry make the workflow better, more secure and more satisfying. We provide on the Bulgarian and the European market the following engineering services and smart solutions:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) retail software solutions for: Analysis of human flows through heat maps, shopping traffic and people counter, designed to increase sales and traffic in large stores and shopping malls; Bread waste management in bakeries.
  • Computer system validation (CSV) in pharmaceutical production.
  • Installation and configuration of Linux operating systems and software for business, retail market, manufacturing and warehousing.
  • Development and maintenance of web pages.
  • Installation and settings adjustment of smart equipment for home (Smart Home) and industrial automation.

If you possess high quality management or protection software, or if you produce a smart device, then we could be your partner to integrate your product into the local or European market. Iceq Performance is open to work together and establish long-term business relationships with foreign companies and investors exploring the local market in Bulgaria in the field of software and smart technologies.