Smart home settings with Sonoff and eWeLink

How to manage your smart home with Sonoff, eWeLink Smart Home and Google Home

We are considering the case of managing Sonoff WiFi Basic Switch smart devices through the Android app eWeLink smart home. Controlled devices are 2 luminaires and 1 plug connected to a 230V power supply and up to 10A power consumption. The eWeLink app is fully compatible with Sonoff devices. To use it you first need to download it from Google play here. After installing and creating an account, you need to pair each Sonoff smart device with your LAN, address it correctly in the router, and last but not least protect it from external unauthorized access. After making these settings, proceed to setting up logical connections with eWeLink. This will allow you to control manually from your phone or automatically through eWeLink any smart device in your home and a consumer connected to it. And all this not only through your local network, but from anywhere in the world, whenever you are connected to the Internet. The sample settings for eWeLink look like this:

eWeLink 1 eWeLink 2 eWeLink 3 eWeLink 4 eWeLink 5


To control connected smart devices by voice, you need to install Google Home from here on your smartphone. After installing the app and training Google Assistant to match your voice, you are now ready to control your lamps and socket at home with voice commands. Be sure to pair eWeLink with Google Home beforehand. The result should be as in the pictures:

Google Home 1 Home Home 2