Evolution mail client spell check

How to set up Gnome Evolution Mail spell check on Linux

Gnome Evolution mail a reliable and secure e-mail client for both Microsoft Windows and Linux desktops. Its integration with Linux Gnome desktop is an ideal solution that will not disappoint you and will serve you long and faithfully.

We are looking at an example of setting up spell checking when writing emails in English and Bulgarian. E-mail client is Evolution, installed on a debian based Linux distribution with Gnome graphical environment. The exam applies to any language other than English. By default the spell checker in Evolution 3.28.5 for Linux is set to English. To enable it for another language you need to follow the steps below and to use Synaptic manager:

1. Make sure the dictionaries-common and enchant packages are installed. If not install them along with their dependencies.

Evolution 1


2. In this case the hunspell-bg package is not needed and do not install it (This is valid only for GNOME desktop environments. If you use XFCE for example you would need this package). If it is installed remove it. English language packs are the default installation and must remain.

Evolution 2


3. Install aspell and aspell-bg.

Evolution 4


4. Install myspell-bg.

Evolution 3


5. Open Gnome Evolution mail. Go to Settings, Editor settings, Spell check and select the languages you want to use. Create a new letter and start writing in English and Bulgarian - now the automatic spelling check is active for both languages.

Evolution 5


That's all.