Midori browser инсталиране

How to install Midori browser on Ubuntu

Midori browser is a restarted (from old Midori browser) new Astian Group project. It is a free and fully open source browser which is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android and can be downloaded here: https://astian.org/en/midori-browser/download

Midori is light, fast and does not collect any data and browsing history from users. It is developed on Chromium, has built-in adblocker and uses Chrome store for other extensions. There is remarkable progress on its version for Android called Midori Next. It has a wide range of home screen customization features, themes and you have full control on the Internet while browsing. All this in only 6MB installation file available in Google play and F-droid. This is one of the few available mobile browsers that automatically clear on exit browsing history and cached data. In terms of speed, Midori Next has no equal to date (Oct 2020).

There is very fast response by the developers of the browser for any bugs or issues if you’re found. Be sure on next update the “problem” will be solved.

We consider the following steps (follow the screens below) during the installation of Midori 1.1.4 on Focal Fossa 20.04.1, deb package downloaded from the Astian website. In our case after download we install the binary using Synaptic manager. Enjoy the browser and try for sure Midori Next on mobile.

Binary deb package Synatic manager installation

Finish installation

First lookSettings menuHistory menuUser agent check