Red-hat Linux and other software solutions delivered by Iceq Performance

Linux solutions for small and medium business

In addition to being free to download and use in most versions, Linux distributions have a high value of open source compared to most paid formats. This is explained by the following:

  • Accessibility
  • Transparency
  • Interchangeability
  • Flexibility
  • Security
  • Freedom

According to your needs, we can select, install and configure a suitable Linux distribution so that you can have full office functionality without paying expensive operating system licenses and annual subscriptions to use word and calculation processing, project management tools and drawing programs. At the same time, your devices connected to the local network will remain protected and secure enough to ensure continuity in the workflow.

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The most important thing when you run a small business is to prevent complexity in your local IT infrastructure and to make it secure. Now it is coming the question: What benefit could you receive using Linux distro in your business? Lets start with the cost. Most Linux distributions are free. It means no support cost. After software is installed and proper configuration is done you don’t need to do something specially except to install regular and security updates.

The best Linux choice for your small business is a general approach selection. You can keep a few criteria in mind as the stability must come first. If you are putting a distro to work its uptime is critical. Solid support provision comes a close second.

We may recommend, but not limited to, some Linux distros that can serve your business and serve you faithfully.

  • Ubuntu distro, based on Debian, that isn’t just for home users. Canonical – the company behind Ubuntu, built very well supported product by the community. Long term support (LTS) gives you long-term stability and flexibility as well. Ubuntu offers an option of paid tech support too. There is available for download Ubuntu Server that is free to use.
  • CentOS as one of the most popular server distros. It is enterprise class Linux for anyone with familiar default Gnome desktop and RPM package management system. CentOS is built on the solid foundation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).
  • OpenSUSE used as the basis for SUSE Linux Enterprise. It runs well on older hardware machines, stable and secure OS. While CentOS is an open-source OS based on a paid for release, OpenSUSE works in reverse.
  • Manjaro is built on top of Arch Linux. It is a full of stable software with useful selection of community editions of the OS. Runs very well on old hardware with lower resources. With Feren OS, Zorin OS and Elementary OS, Manjaro is one of the most beautiful Linux distros ever.

What do you can do with these distributions? Everything. Almost everything. There are many industrial applications that need to run on Windows like SCADA software, PCS7 of SIEMENS and iFIX by GE too, but this is because these software were designed to work on Windows environment only. They receive security patches and regular updates which are created exclusively for specific industrial productions. Of course the license and support cost are high but that is not “small or medium business”. This is the industry. In the same time the industry uses powerful Linux servers.