Retail solutions AI artificial inteligence to increase sales and traffic in stores and malls

Artificial intelligence AI software solution to increase sales and traffic in stores

Iceq presents the most powerful Artificial Inteligence AI Marketing Solution available on Bulgarian market to increase sales growth and attract more traffic to retail stores, trade centers and big malls, made by Link Retail. For additional information and costs for Bulgaria contact us.

Retail Video Analytics

One of the most beneficial and simple processes one can do to optimize their store is to use retail video analytics. This activity allows the cameras that were likely already up to be used for an extra advantage. Important information like shopper flow, heat mapping, and route mapping will supply actionable data that can in turn be used to strategically boost sales. Also, our advanced AI technology will automatically exclude staff from data collection to ensure that they do not throw things off.

Optimizing All Stores and Malls

A solution by Link Retail company

Iceq Ltd. presents a Link Retail solution that has everything needed in order to get the best performance out of a retail store or mall. Every individual part, from the shelving, promotions, communication between employees, traffic, conversion rates, customer behavior, and more, can be properly cataloged by a version of the cutting edge Link Retail software. This will give store owners the vital information they need in order to design a better and more profitable shop. This will give a large advantage over others who do not use this technology.

The hyper-competitive nature of the retail space requires store runners to try to find a leg up wherever possible. Link Retail can give you that leg up. There is nothing that we like more than seeing a struggling store turn it around or a successful store soar to new heights.


High accuracy Link Retail Counter

Consists high accuracy people counter, occupancy, Visiting time, Sector analysis, Staff exclusion, Available for stores, shopping malls or partial sectors in stores.


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Link Retail Queue - Real-Time Service Quality Monitoring

Customer satisfaction is a primary objective for building longer-term relationships with shoppers. In this manner, every business owner aims to provide high-quality service to the customers.

Time is the most important and an unrecoverable asset for all people. Crowded queue lines put a mental fence for the shoppers decreasing their shopping motivation. Therefore unexpectedly high queue abandonment rates become inevitable.

Queue management is about understanding when and how many customers queue up at checkout. Link Retail queue management solution ensures whether the shoppers in the lines are getting qualified service in accordance with the retailer’s service management target. In-time and accurate notifications on queuing levels is the key success factor when implementing a queue management solution. The store employees should be informed and warned about extreme queuing events such as too presence of low or too high people densities at queue regions.


Accurate People Counting & Conversion Rate

Visitor counting numbers combined with sales figures reflect the most basic and beneficial KPI, namely conversion rate, in order to evaluate the performance of stores.

Link Retail people counting software offers both the lowest cost solution and the most sophisticated analytic technology in the market. Link Retail people counting solutions are based on an property Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, called LinkVision. LinkVision based counting solution provides best-in-class data quality with the lowest implementation cost possible thanks to its AI core. That is, regular CCTV cameras are transformed into the World’s most accurate and versatile counter devices with the help of our unique AI software platform. The exclusive features brought by Link Retail people counters include staff exclusion, occupancy, and shopping time metrics.

Powered Counting

Link Retail software platform transforms traditional CCTV cameras into high performance counters with the help of its ultimate AI core, called LinkVision. The counter cameras mounted at the entrance of the store can recognize individual shoppers by using their appearance and behavioral attributes. Thanks to LinkVision AI recognition algorithms, the counter cameras can discriminate different types of objects such as human, shopping cart and baby trolleys. Moreover, the errors caused by environmental challenges including shadowing and variable lighting are easily eliminated by the counting algorithm.

Link Retail counting platform does not only stand for high accuracy counting. It also achieves other vital analytic tasks including staff detection, shopping time and occupancy measurements. In the counting reports, counting numbers can be filtered according to shopping time parameters provided by the users. The biggest advantage of deploying Link Retail counters is the possibility of using low-cost hardware components unlike the 3D vision based competitors.

See how it works here.

Link Retail Flow

Heatmap, Shopper Flow, Route map and Zone

Shopping experience in fine detail

Link Retail Heat Map Analytic can track every shopper in the scene and creates summaries of their activities such as passersby, impression and dwell. In other words, Link Retail Heat Map Analytic can sense how many shoppers passed from any point of the store, where they stopped and how much time they spent.

  • Detailed and easy to understand heat map reports.

  • All dimensions of store interactions.

  • Passersby impression and dwell events.

  • Effortless identification of hot & cold spots.

  • Find out mental fences at the store


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Visualizing Shopper & Store Interaction

With Link Retail shopper flow analytics, the retailers gain the essential insights to maximize their revenue as well as cutting down redundant expenses. Link Retail shopper flow solution is a powerful & popular tool used by retailers and retail researchers for understanding in-store shopper behavior. The basic idea behind Link Retail shopper flow analytic is to utilize existing in-store CCTV cameras. Then an intelligent software analyzes in-store footage to find out summaries of shopper activities. The shopper flow system can detect and visualize in-store shopper activities with high accuracy thanks to its video processing based technology.

Utilize Existing CCTV Cameras

Link Retail shopper flow solution is a video analytic technology that can visualize shopper behavior in an easy-to-understand manner. Video footage from in-store CCTV cameras are analyzed for detecting shopper movements. Link Retail software is compatible with 99% of the CCTV infrastructure in the market. Different types of shopper activities such as “walk by”, “stand still” and “product interaction” are identified by our property AI technology.

Since our technology does not rely on low accuracy Wi-Fi data, we provide highest possible accuracy on in-store shopper behavior. The heatmap reports contained in Link Retail system are employed for optimizing retail tasks such as marketing, store layout, merchandising and staffing.

See how it works here.


No additional CCTV hardware investment required!

Whether you are currently using IP or analog based CCTV systems, Link Retail is integrable with almost all kinds of CCTV camera hardware.

Link Retail video processing apps can run on both Ubuntu and Windows based systems.

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Smart Cameras

Link Retail solution is partnered with the World’s best CCTV manufacturers in order to maximize final value delivered to our clients. For a limited and privileged amount of camera models, Link Retailvideo processing software can be directly run on the camera board. See below for the list of supported cameras for smart CCTV hardware mode. If retail store does not have installed CCTV from these vendors an additional small PC is required to install Link Retail software.


Watch tutorial below and see for yourself the power of this retail solution. For additional information on hardware, software and subscription prices to the service for the territory of Bulgaria please contact us.

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