Joomla web design by Iceq

Web design and file servers

Design, protectction and maintain a web page for your blog or business. In most of the cases, this is done remotely after you order a plan from your hosting provider. If it is necessary we can install your web page on a local server in your office for example.By request we can advise you or create a mobile application specially designed for your needs and according to your business requirements. 

We can help you quickly to get home page for your business or blog. We develop web sites using WordPress or Joomla templates. You don’t need to pay expensive cost to use third party software when the basic modules and plugins are part of the standard installation. If you need something more specific for your needs then we can advise you what would be better, more secure and safe enough when selecting third-party plugins that provide services beyond the standard WordPress or Joomla installation.

If your needs require the web page to be installed on a local server we can do it as well. We already have experience in local installations on NAS drives as file and web servers by QNAP.